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Anadrol-50 is the most powerful steroid in the world. It is an oral anabolic steroid. In 1960, Oxymetholone developed by Syntax Pharmaceuticals treating anemia and other muscle wasting conditions.

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Anadrol-50 is a man-made form of hormone similar to testosterone. It helps to build muscle tissue, so that athlete can use it. It is a premier bulking steroids and used in these purpose. Particularly, it is competitive in bodybuilding. This steroid primary used as supplement. It helps a man to increase his strength rapidly and sometimes dramatically. It is a supplemental steroid for use. It also possesses low androgen binding abilities. It can be beneficial to a competitive bodybuilder before competition. This medicine can be taken as prescribed by a doctor and not to be taken in larger amounts or for longer than recommended. Swelling, increased or ongoing erection of the penis, changes in skin color, urination problems, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, diarrhea and jaundice may occur by taking this. Except these, other side effects may occur.

Genuine Anadrol-50 in UK